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for your IT and asset management

Automated IT management has become a key factor in business success. The network-wide transparency of hardware and software enables efficient support and cost savings. The basis for this is as automated as possible Inventory Management, which creates the database so that the computers in the network, the hardware, and software data largely independent of each other automatically detect and scan. Linking the device data with organizational, contractual and commercial information then enables effective IT asset management in the company.

Processes such as software distribution and license management are more important today than ever because license loyalty is being monitored ever more stringently and legal violations can lead to high penalties. The license management is therefore no longer only the task of the IT department. The presentation of the data in diagrams such as topology plans and network plans provides meaningful IT documentation as required for certification (ISO) or baseline security.

Through numerous amalgamations, management, purchasing and controlling have become important influencers and questioners for IT management. By automated processes e.g. the acquisition of the network and its components, IT procurement and IT sales, software administration and distribution or the user helpdesk result in considerable optimization potential. Well-known economic institutes quantify the potential savings in the double-digit percentage range.

In particular, the integration of service desk, ie ticket system, and IT asset management create a decisive increase in efficiency with ITIL-compliant processes. The central component of this is the Change and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). We have geared our products to this.

Lifecycle Management offers you comprehensive options for tracking and mapping the entire lifecycle of your assets. The assets, whether IT resources or furniture, are “accompanied” from procurement and installation in the system to the transfer to the user, possibly move during the life cycle, the return at the end of the lifecycle, to disposal. All processes are documented and logged so that historical data is available for all movements and changes to the asset.

Our solutions for the security of your company data

By now, IT security should have become an important pillar in every business. Companies which want to be successful on the market cannot afford to be careless on this front. Almost all data is saved electronically and damage caused by loss or theft thereof may threaten a company´s survival. Even if there might be no existential risk, the dent on the company’s public image can be immense and hard to asses in numbers.

Which security strategy is the best?

Persons responsible for the company´s security always face similar questions:
How do we achieve the best possible protection and simultaneously assure a high flexibility and freedom for the daily work? That is synonymous to questions like: who is allowed to work with which data at which time and on which access level?

Besides those rules which affect your company, it is also legally required to protect e.g. employee’s data against misuse.

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