Inventory with RFID

Inventory – fast and efficient thanks to RFID

Assets, or valuables or simple inventory must be recorded because it is required by law. Ideally, the inventory should have an individual label.

Asset.Desk offers the possibility to give inventory numbers and labels via printers. In general, a barcode is put to the label, which can be used again later by reading in via a reading device (barcode reader or camera of a mobile device) to identify an asset.

Due to our many years of experience – FCS has been conducting or supporting inventory and IT asset management projects since 2002 – we know that effective mobile inventory support plays a key role in reducing organizational costs. The automation of the documentation of other processes, e.g. disposal or exchange of equipment also has much monetary value.

RFID reader/Zebra RFD8500

Labels for the identification of the assets are also glued invisible, even under the edge of a table or in cabinets.
Finding and reading these labels is difficult even with a barcode reader.

The UHF RFID technology now allows the labels to report themselves to a reader when it is placed near them. UHF RFID labels do not have to be scanned individually, they are already reporting back automatically at a distance of approx. 1-2 m. Imagine how easy it is to capture all the assets in a room!
All you need is Asset.Desk with Asset.Desk Mobile+ and one of our supported UHF RFID readers. The rest is done by the technology. This eliminates the hardscrabble barcode search under the desk and the risk that an asset is forgotten in a room.

By introducing RFID technology in your inventory management, massive savings are achieved by accelerating the inventory. In this way, more than 80% of the time can be saved per room for the capturing of already labeled assets.

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