The OS Packager is available for creating and managing operating system packages for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

As by means of Install.Desk OS packager you can create entire setups including answer files fast and easily. The answer file is needed to install the particular Windows operating system silently without any user queries and with the same settings several times.
Via an efficient setup manager, settings like e.g. organization, admin password or product key as well as network printers can be transferred to the clients.

Creation of OS packages:

After activating the additional module OS packager you add a new OS package in Install.Desk and you define a distribution directory, in which your Windows installation files have to be stored (e.g. copied from the original Windows CD).

Afterward the comfortable setup manager in Install.Desk helps you to create OS packages that meet the demands of the particular target clients, e.g. for different organizational units or partitioning of hard disks (further settings can be seen in figure: Setup manager).

So you can easily define different pre-configured Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10 packages, which can all be reused after a single creation – because of Install.Desk always keeps them available on the selected distribution directory.

Deploy OS packages:

When the Windows installation files as well as the related answer files are available in the distribution directory, they can be called up as often as needed and transferred to the target clients, e.g. via USB stick, CD or PXE server.

Your benefit:

The central definition of OS packages with the combined default of all parameters and the fast installation without any user interaction simplify and fasten your client installations as well as they support your setup of an homogenous system environment.

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