The Store O´Crypt Enterprise Console puts you in a position to manage and initialize all Store O´Crypt sticks in your company in a centralized way.

Consistent rights, central database, Active Directory connection

By means of this Enterprise Console all Store O´Crypt Sticks can be initialized with one single administrator password and the same rights. Sticks that have been initialized once are available in the data base with serial number. Every stick can be allocated to an employee via Active Directory.

Generation of safe one time passwords

If an employee forgets his password on site, the stick can be reactivated offline again: the Enterprise Console creates a One-Time-Password which can be given to the user by telephone.


Optional Smart Card (in preparation)

The Enterprise Console is available with a personalized smart card on request. This smart card contains a certificate for the particular company. Accesses to connected Store O´Crypt sticks are only possible, if there is such a valid company certificate.

Your protection at a glance:

  • Central definition of administrator password, password policies and user rights
  • Separate Definition of login attempts for administrator and user
  • Reset of the administrator password without data loss on the plugged in stick
  • Offline creation of a “one-time password”, which resets the administrator or user password
  • CD ROM protection by device specific keys
  • Exact allocation of an employee to his Store O´Crypt by Active Directory connection
  • Protection of all login attempts to plugged in Store O´Crypts by a personalized smart card (optional)

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