Visual Network

Do not lose track of your IT landscape and create
diagrams of your network structures.

With Asset.Desk you can create diagrams for your network structures. You can see at a glance the connections between your assets and how your network is structured. For example, you document in a topology plan which network components (e.g. switches) your servers, computers, network printers or other network elements are connected to and how network nodes relate to each other.

  • With Visual Network, you can visualize the topology plan of your scanned objects in Asset.Desk with a few clicks.
  • An assistant helps you to parameterize your diagrams.
  • The connections of the devices can be defined directly in the diagram. By Drag & Drop other devices can easily be dragged from the device tree into the graphical display.
  • You can insert important data such as port number, bush number or bandwidth directly into the drawing. The maximum number of ports (for one switch) is monitored by the program.
  • You can create topology plans for the entire network or for areas such as buildings or rooms.
    Within the typology plan, devices can be automatically arranged by areas so that you can see at a glance which devices are in which room.
  • All diagrams can be output as Visio, JPG and PDF documents. Visio does not need to be installed on your computer.
  • In addition to topology plans, Visual Network can also create network plans and “virtual server” plans automatically.
  • Network plans Document how devices are integrated, connected, and how accessible they are in networks and sub-networks.
  • “Virtual server” plans show in the diagram which virtual machines are operated by which host system.

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