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this is tom Three years ago, Tom had an idea: fruit juices from his own production, without chemicals and additives. He founded the company "SääftUp" The business is booming, you mainly sell your juices online on your website and via your own app. The company is expanding rapidly. But: the more customers are won, the more staff Tom needs to deal with the large number of inquiries. Two weeks ago, over a digital lunch, he had a conversation with the head of his IT department, who complained about the large number of internal e-mail requests that the small IT team can no longer structure and process effectively. She asked him to consider purchasing a ticketing tool to handle such incidents. Tom liked the idea and immediately started searching the internet himself. He was looking for a simple and inexpensive solution that comes from Germany.

He found FCS Fair Computer Systems from Nuremberg, which has its offices all over Central Europe HEINZELMANN Service.Desk offer. Tom found the product interesting and made an inquiry through the FCS website. He was immediately called back and initial questions were clarified.

Today there will be an initial discussion in an online meeting
with FCS and IT management,
with Tom of course
want to be there too.

And you are part of it! Let's see how such an initial meeting can go:

In addition to you, three other people are logged in:

Tom Mueller, the founder of the company
Anna Bauer, head of the IT department
Lucie Babić, IT department intern
Bastian Brand, FCS expert

Today there will be an initial discussion in an online meeting
with FCS and IT management,
with Tom of course want to be there too.

And you are part of it! Let's see how such an initial meeting can go:

In addition to you, three other people are logged in:

Tom Mueller, the founder of the company
Anna Bauer, head of the IT department
Lucie Babić, IT department intern
Bastian Brand, FCS expert

"Grüß Gott from Nuremberg, nice to see you all "live". I've already been in contact with Mr. Müller by phone, so I'll briefly introduce myself again for Mrs. Bauer. My name is Bastian Brand, I've been with FCS since 2002 and today I can present ours to you HEINZELMANN Service.Desk introduce. As far as I know, you are looking for a ticket tool with which you can document, structure and process IT requests, error and problem reports. Am I informed correctly?”

"Hello Mr. Brand, nice to see you and thank you for having time for us at such short notice. I already told you who we are and what we do during our phone call, so I'll just hand it over to my colleague, Ms. Bauer heads our team in the IT department and our appointment came about mainly because of her."

"Thanks Tom! Hello Mr. Brand, I won't talk long about it. Our problem is certainly not new to you. We now receive so many IT inquiries every week via email, telephone and corridor radio that we, as a small department, can no longer keep up. We usually organize ourselves via e-mail or notes. If a piece of paper disappears, it becomes difficult.”

"Yes, that's clear. Here we can provide structure with the HEINZELMANN. But the team also has to support a small adjustment to the new structure.”

“Yes, my colleagues want that too. After everyone came to me one by one to complain about a missing ticket list, I told Tom about our problem. He started researching right away. A few functions were important to us from the start. And you have already answered them well on the homepage.”

“In addition, we are a start-up and our budget for the appropriate software is not large. That's why, after ruling out freeware, I searched the internet for inexpensive solutions. I quickly came across the HEINZELMANN. A personal contact and the fastest possible introduction was also important to us. Then the FCS website convinced me.”

"Of course I'm glad to hear that. Basically, the first thing to do is to clarify which channel the ticket system should be accessible to you. The HEINZELMANN follows you Multi-channel approach, that means the HEINZELMANN can be reached in three ways. The first option is to use it as a web portal. In this case, all employees can log in to the service desk with a password in the browser or even use single sign-on. Then you can create or add to your ticket yourself. Since you want to use the HEINZELMANN primarily for internal processes, I would even recommend this variant because the users have to think about it before they get started.

It would be easier with the "Mail-to-Ticket interface" from the "EMAIL" module. This enables you to automatically convert incoming e-mails to a ticket in HEINZELMANN and, if necessary, to automatically pre-qualify them. And the reply can continue via email and the ticket still records every step.

The third option is classic call-in support, in which a supporter opens the ticket with the problem that is described to him on the phone. But then the ticket really has to be opened, an organizational point..."

“I agree with you that using it as a web portal currently best meets our needs. Tom already mentioned our low budget, I wonder if licensing every single user doesn't get very expensive?”

“With us, only the supporters are licensed. The number of users who only edit their own tickets is unlimited. The basic license includes software and three supporter accounts. And if your supporter team grows, it can be easily re-licensed.”

"That's practical. What you need is what you get?”

“That is basically our philosophy!
With us, you only pay for what you need. That is why the HEINZELMANN has a modular structure. Each customer selects the additional functions that he needs via the modules. But we'll go into that later, when we're through with the basics, I would say.

I will first go into the basic advantages of the HEINZELMANN.

The software can be individually adapted to your requirements. It starts with the fact that you can easily integrate them into your company design. The ticket list can be individualized, as can the entire workspace of the supporters.

The ticket lists can be searched with your own, predefined filters. Completely individually configurable. Almost everything in the HEINZELMANN can be adapted to your needs, right down to notifications about tickets.”

"And we discuss these adjustments with you and you then implement them for us in the tool?"

"No. That's the beauty of the HEINZELMANN. While many competitors charge dearly for such customer requests, our service desk is designed so that most of the customizing can be carried out independently - without additional costs, so you can create your user groups yourself, assign group rights, categories and reply e-mail Define texts and formats yourself and much more.”

“A question in between: Many inquiries are repeated again and again. Everyone in our company knows that the printer doesn't print. Is there a function that can be used to relieve us supporters in this case?

“In the case of recurring questions, the basic HEINZELMANN includes a knowledge base that offers help for self-help. These can be filled with ready-made entries in which common solution strategies for frequently occurring problems are presented. If any of these suggestions help, the user isn't forced to open a ticket at all.

Another possibility is our additional module "TEMPLATE“. The difference to the knowledge base is that although no solution is suggested, the ticket is already described and may be assigned to a specific supporter or group that is supposed to take care of it."

"Hello, this is Lucie! I'm not sure I fully understand the difference..."

"As I understand it, the knowledgebase is to be seen as a kind of self-service portal, whereas the template can be selected as a ready-made ticket mask when the ticket is opened. Or?"

“You can definitely describe it like that. Another advantage of the additional module is that you can create recurring tasks in the form of a ticket so that you are reminded of them regularly. For example, you can overlook an Outlook appointment as soon as you tick off the reminder. A ticket, on the other hand, can be prioritized or deferred. And then there is the module TEMPLATE a third, important and really great thing: You can create your own ticket types with the fields that this type needs, i.e. also custom fields, so the ticket masks can be individually adapted to your needs.

“You described earlier that only the supporter accounts need to be licensed and the number of users is unlimited. However, I'm thinking that it would be very time-consuming to create each user individually."

"Surely you use Active Directory or another directory service to manage your network?"

"Of course, Active Directory."

For this case, the HEINZELMANN offers the additional module "LDAP“, with which you can dock your directory service. In this way, employee and device data and, if necessary, the company structure can be transferred to the database at the push of a button. Users can then even log in with their Windows password.”

"That sounds promising. Mr. Brand, you just mentioned device data. Of course, our IT park is growing just as fast as the number of employees because they have to be equipped. Does the HEINZELMANN offer a way to attach hardware information to tickets?”

"In addition to the pure device names about the LDAP module there are two ways to get more information about the devices in the HEINZELMANN!

The first is the moduleASSETS“, here you can import devices and other assets via a CSV interface if you keep them somewhere, for example in an Excel list or an inventory program.

The second alternative is to connect our own inventory and asset management solution Asset.Desk be. These two then share the database and provide synergies in helpdesk and asset management.

Do you already have an inventory solution in operation?

“We currently manage our IT assets in Excel lists, which is why I find the CSV interface very interesting. I can then assign the imported information to any ticket, is that right?”

“Yes exactly, this can be useful, for example, when a user reports that their PC screen is constantly flickering. If he can attach the information about his asset directly, the supporter can find his way around more easily. It might even be a warranty case etc.

I would like to mention one more module here that I think might be of interest to you. Our WORKFLOW module. Ms. Bauer, you mentioned earlier that some work steps are still processed with the good old paper economy?”

"That's still the case at the moment, yes. Do you have a solution for that too?”

“At least we can digitize processes, present them transparently and accelerate them. A popular example that we keep bringing up here is the on-boarding of a new employee. Before he has his first day at work, a telephone number has to be created, business cards ordered and a laptop organized. Perhaps you are currently writing emails when one of these tasks is due. With the WORKFLOW module these tasks can be created as a ticket sequence. As a result, every employee automatically receives a reminder when he is supposed to fulfill his part in the process and the task is documented and will not be forgotten. You create the ticket sequence once and save time and nerves in the future.”

“Christian would definitely be happy about that. He is currently responsible for HR issues, but he also has other responsibilities, which is why he would certainly be grateful for a little relief.”

"I just had a thought. So far we've only talked about how we can use the HEINZELMANN internally and, to be honest, it convinces me.

If I see it correctly, then we could also use it for our customer inquiries. Can we also let our customers onto the system?”

“Of course it is possible. All you have to do is think about how the customers can reach you: by e-mail? Alternatively, you could also accept the inquiries via a form on your website. We also have an add-on module for this called WEB FORM, with which you can lend a hand again, without any consulting.

But I would go step by step. Since the HEINZELMANN has a modular structure, you can expand the helpdesk at any time. If your demands grow, the HEINZELMANN simply grows with you.

Do you currently have any further questions or would you like a live demo of the HEINZELMANN?”

"For my part, I don't have any more questions for now, I'd like to get started with the tool right away."

“I would also like to see the HEINZELMANN in action. I'm good to go."

"With pleasure! Either immediately afterwards, or I will send you an invitation to the online demonstration and I will show you the functions live on HEINZELMANN Service.Desk.

Additional information for you: You can do the HEINZELMANN too put it through its paces for free.

And if you want to keep track of all HEINZELMANN Service.Desk additional modulesthe factsn, dem Workflow management or generally to HEINZELMANN Service.Desk would like. No problem. You can find all information on our website.

Have a nice day! Bye…"

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