Security Desk 8.1

The new version 8.1 of Security.Desk is characterized by revision security and change history.
For the revision security of Security.Desk, it is necessary to trace which user made which changes to critical system settings and when.
These changes are now recorded, saved and retained in Security.Desk. The changes to the settings can thus be reconstructed and checked in change histories at a later point in time. This creates trust and meets compliance requirements.

Our innovations for you in detail:

History for changes to users and roles

All changes to users and roles in the system are logged and displayed in a history report. For each change, the system notes the user and the time of the change.

History for changes to security rights

All changes to the security rights in the system are recorded. The changes can be displayed and filtered in a history report. Here, too, the system notes the user and the time of the change for each change. The history includes changes to security rights for everyone, users, groups and OUs. Changes to the non-storage and bad USB settings as well as terminal server settings and temporary shares are also logged. All changes to the white and black lists are also recorded in the minutes.

The changes are kept in the system in the histories and can be displayed and reconstructed at any time if the appropriate rights have been set up for this. The logging of changes (the history) can be switched on and off individually for each category in the settings. You can also set how long the historical data should be kept in the system for each category.

Other improvements in the new version are:

  • The "Non-Storage" column has been added to the "USB device usage" report to indicate that the device used is a non-storage device. Storage devices (storage media) and non-storage devices are controlled differently in Security.Desk. In order for the system to recognize a non-storage device as such, the device driver must be stored in the settings for non-storage device control.
  • In the options, application, notification, the message about the successful saving of data, which appears as a balloon popup above the status bar with each save, can now be switched off.
  • As of this version, the date of the last comparison with the Active Directory Loader and the native GUID are displayed on the overview page of a device.

We wish you maximum security with Security.Desk 8.1!
Your FCS team



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