Make your lending faster and more efficient – Reserva now with Outlook integration and QR codes!

You remember? With Reserva, our intuitive reservation portal, employees in the company or external customers can independently reserve items/resources that are available for loan in the company and then borrow them. Now there is news, we present the new version Reserva!

What's new?

Outlook integration 

If a request is approved, the e-mail sent to you to confirm the loan optionally contains one or more Outlook appointments. The Outlook appointments (ics files) can be transferred directly to your Outlook calendar by double-clicking and edited there.

You can set whether Outlook appointments for

  • the pickup,
  • the reservation period or
  • the return to be created.

When you schedule a meeting and book a room for it, then created Reserva automatically, for example, an Outlook appointment for the reservation period of the room. This saves you the step of creating the appointment for the meeting manually. This eliminates the risk of entering the wrong date and time.

In Outlook you can continue to work on the appointment as usual and, for example, invite additional participants.


QR codes with self-link 

In the new version, at the top right of the detail page for an object or room, you will find a QR code with the self-link to this page. You can save this QR code, print it and attach it to the respective inventory or in the respective room. If you now scan the attached QR code with your smartphone on site, the detail page of the inventory or room appears directly in the browser and you can view the occupancy and start the reservation directly on site.



Would you like more information about Reserva? You can find them here:  >> RESERVA

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