Missed the notice period? With the new app FCS Asset.Desk contract this sentence is a thing of the past.

The app provides the mobile version for Asset.Desk FCS contract management module, with which you can always keep an eye on all contracts.

Important data on the contract, such as contractual partner, term, period of notice, cost center, risk class, etc., can be quickly and easily viewed with the app and information can be added as a memo - anytime and anywhere.

The resubmission function informs you on the start page about the next notice period. Here you can also see when the next contract expires or the next payments are due. So that you are always informed about the upcoming monthly payments and income, the cash flow management in the app shows you the expected financial requirements over the course of the coming year based on all contracts that are in Asset.Desk are deposited. If desired, you can also restrict the cash flow view to quarters.

The integrated calendar function gives you an overview of all upcoming appointments and deadlines.


Please note that the Asset.Desk Contract app exclusively in combination with the Contract Management Module the software solution Asset.Desk and the OData gateway can be used.


You can now download the app for Android devices and iOS devices for free. Do you have any questions or would you like to purchase the contract management module? Please contact our Sales:

By e-mail to vertrieb@fair-computer.de or by phone to 0911- 810881-80.


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