Install Desk 4.2.0: Easter release

Shortly after Easter we have great new functions for our Install.Desk software distribution solution, true to the motto "more usability":

New run view

The display of your distribution orders and the status for execution on the target devices have been completely revised in the new version 4.2.0.

Your distribution orders are now enriched with a lot of useful status information, so that you can see at a glance how far and how successfully the orders have already been processed by the system. For this purpose, the presentation has been simplified, structured more clearly and graphic elements have been added. With one click you get the status of the installations on the target devices for a job and you can see immediately which job on which target device was successful or not. The installation of failed jobs can be repeated in one action. The execution of your distribution orders is now even more transparent and available at a glance.

The additional status tab has become superfluous and could be removed.

Encrypted LDAP connections  

Microsoft is planning to switch to LDAPS in Active Directory with an update in autumn 2020. After this Microsoft update, unencrypted LDAP connections are no longer possible. Install.Desk is prepared for this and already offers a setting with which you can switch to encrypted LDAP connections. If LDAPS is activated in Install.Desk, all Install.Desk components and services access the Active Directory exclusively via SSL.

Multiple Active Directory domains

From now on, several Active Directory domains can be stored. If you have licensed Install.Desk's Active Directory Manager, you can now retrieve OUs and groups from multiple Active Directory domains in order to assign Install.Desk jobs and packages to them. Previously, only one Active Directory domain was possible.


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Already an FCS customer with an Install.Desk support contract?

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We wish you an efficient and successful software distribution with Install.Desk 4.2.0.

Stay healthy!

Your FCS IT Management Solutions team




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