We present: HEINZELMANN Service Desk 6.21.002 

It is particularly important to us at FCS that you are always up to date, use the latest versions and are completely satisfied! 

Here are some of the key points and features that we will provide you with the current version of the HEINZELMANN provide:

  1. Preparing for Bootstrap 5: In the last few months, the focus of development, in addition to quality assurance through bug fixes and code reviews, was on updating the Heinzelmann framework from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5.
  2. Security features: The code base is regularly checked on the basis of an internal penetration test. Even if changes are not immediately visible, you can be sure that we will be checked by our administration at regular intervals.
  3. Data protection improvements: Through practical use, the data protection-relevant settings were completed. This is primarily aimed at protecting supporters from contact outside of HEINZELMANN.


In addition, we have implemented additional features and bugs since the last news: 

Version 6.21.002 (09.01.2024)

(-) Employee: LDAP import of only contacts did not work via the web interface.
(-) Ticket: The ticket priority was only displayed for supporters during ticket creation.

Version 6.21.001 (21.12.2023)

(-) LDAP login: If authentication against AD failed, the user may have been blocked in LDAP (if there were many LDAP server entries).

(-) Reporting: Error in ticket list export when umlauts are in the ticket title.

(-) Ticket: Despite data protection law, supporters were displayed in the notification notes about email dispatch during ticket processing.

(-) Ticket: When reactivating tickets from On Hold, in some cases it was not the system account user but other HM users that were entered as “executors”.

(-) Knowledge Base: After logging in with sso.php, some KB articles could not be accessed.

(-) Knowledge Base: Articles that are not active were displayed in the top lists.

(-) Users: Users with the right to create users could create users without a password.

(-) Ticket: Supporter as a mandatory field when closing and the setting “Assign supporter when closing the ticket” now work together => If a possible supporter closes the ticket, he or she does not have to be entered beforehand.

(-) Ticket templates: The template list in the administration as well as the template selection in the ticket is now sorted by column order (descending) and title (ascending) by default.

(-) Workflow: Creating fields was possible without a field type.

(-) Ticket: New right “Edit group/supporter only via dialog window (pen)” to force common group and supporter selection in existing tickets.

(-) Ticket: Text modules cannot be created unless you have the “Publish text modules” right.

(-) Employee: LDAP import of only contacts did not work via the web interface.

Version 6.20.004 (12.12.2023)

(-) Ticket: The request to change groups and supporters was sometimes sent several times and with a delay. As a result, the group assignment was partially removed.

Version 6.20.003 (07.12.2023)

(-) Ticket: The entire ticket history was always displayed in the ticket detail view. The setting “Always show ticket edits -> No” did not work.

(-) Workflow: Successor activities with an OR condition to the predecessor were not started if multiple selection is possible in the checked prerequisite.

Version 6.20.002 (05.11.2023)

(-) Ticket: Ticket edits were not displayed correctly. The content was not displayed completely in ticket edits from emails.

Version 6.20.001 (30.11.2023)

(+) Ticket: A setting can be used to ensure that after a ticket has been set to DONE, it jumps to the ticket list.

(+) Ticket list: By setting, internal notes can now also be displayed as the last edit by hovering over the ticket line.

(+) Ticket: The default value for classifying tickets as an incident or problem can be set in the settings.

(-) General: Missing translations have been added.

(-) Workflow: Under certain circumstances, the recipient group was notified even though the supporter was selected as the addressee.

(-) Workflow: “Please select” was sometimes displayed twice in the forms.

(-) Ticket: When multiple tickets were merged, the costs of the tickets were not included.

(-) Ticket: The linked documents were no longer displayed in the ticket history.

(-) Ticket: With the selected option “Always save tickets as draft” quick shots were created in the NEW status instead of the CLOSED status.

(-) Ticket: With the right “Show tickets without supporters (data protection)” the log events were still displayed in the ticket history.

(-) Ticket: Location information Asset.Desk were not displayed or loaded in the ticket.

(-) Ticket list: Filtering for tickets “Without Asset” was missing.

(-) Ticket templates: Supporters and groups in the interested group assigned in the templates are assigned again in the tickets from templates.

(-) Project: When selecting the contact person in the project, the company was not displayed with the contact name.

(-) Contact: Umlauts in the name were saved as HTML equivalents (ä instead of ä) for a while.

(-) Setting: In the "Uniform Escalation" escalation setting, the non-uniform escalation choices were displayed by priority.

(-) Notification dispatch: Due to the setting “Notify users only once”, it happened that supporters no longer received emails about ticket assignments or status changes.

Version 6.19.002 (08.11.2023)

(-) Contact: Companies could not be created.

Version 6.19.001 (06.11.2023)

(+) Ticket: New option to return to the ticket list after completing tickets.

(+) Ticket list: Users with appropriate rights can also see the internal notes via the last edits tooltip in the ticket list.

(-) Setting: Incorrect classification of “Uniform Escalation” in the escalation setting.

(-) Contact: Umlauts in contact names are removed after saving.

(-) LDAP: Contacts & users with the same name but different identities are not created twice.

(-) Project: In the project module, the company is not displayed when selecting the contact person.

(-) Ticket: Users of the interested group who are pre-filled in the ticket template are not entered in the ticket.

(-) Ticket: Users with the right “View ticket without supporter” still see log entries in the ticket.

(-) Ticket: The document description within ticket processing shows the file name in the upload, not the original name.

(-) Ticket: Specialist support request + internal note was displayed as a selection during processing, even though the user does not have the corresponding rights.

(-) Ticket: Filter “without asset” no longer exists, although there are tickets without assets.

(-) Ticket: With the selected draft option, quick shots were created in NEW status.

(-) Ticket: The line spacing in the Ticket action menu is very large.

(-) Workflow: When editing the workflow definitions, some activities cannot be opened/edited.

(-) Workflow: Users from a group also receive the notification even though the group is not selected.

Version 6.18.004 (18.10.2023)

(+) Ticket list: The ticket status of several tickets can be processed collectively.

(+) Setting: The setting “Also notify the reported contact itself” has been added: Contact notifications can be sent to the processing contact.

(-) Ticket: The position of the selectable ticket templates and types has been corrected on the preliminary page.

(-) Ticket: Creating and editing your own text modules was no longer possible.

(-) Ticket: The “title” of a ticket is now called “short description”.

(-) Workflow: Fixed WF instance name as a placeholder for the notification templates.

(-) Workflow: User selection list sorted alphabetically in WF forms.

Version 6.18.002 (20.09.2023)

(-) Settings: small errors in the settings display.

Version 6.18.001 (03.09.2023)

(-) Ticket type: Custom fields can no longer be added to the ticket type.


Update Assistance

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As usual, our support staff is available to our customers for all inquiries or to carry out a guided update. We would like to point out that we have made the process efficient, so that it takes a maximum of 30 minutes, provided nothing extraordinary occurs.

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Good luck and efficient service management with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk wishes

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