We present: HEINZELMANN Service Desk 6.17. 002 

It is particularly important to us at FCS that you are always up to date, use the latest versions and are completely satisfied! 

Here are some of the key points and features that we will provide you with the current version of the HEINZELMANN provide:

  1. Timed workflows: The automation of workflows opens up further possibilities for automating processes. This means that regular tasks can no longer just be started using a ticket template, but rather via a process chain in the workflow.
  2. Security features: The code base is regularly checked on the basis of an internal penetration test. Even if changes are not immediately visible, you can be sure that we are checked at regular intervals by our internal auditors.
  3. Adjustments in the context of data protection: With new rights, the visibility of ticket details and ticket processors can be reduced and hidden. This prevents employees and customers from directly addressing your supporters.


In addition to the previous features, we have implemented further features and bugs since the last news: 

o Version 6.17.002 (09.08.2023/6.17.001/XNUMX – delayed release due to vacation time) / Version XNUMX

(+) Editor: Better display of content created by the editor. (Example: list representations)

(+) User group: New right “Show group in interested circles”. Prevents accidental assignment of large groups.

o Version 6.16.001 (25.07.2023)

(+) Group: The “Manage text modules” right is expanded to include “Manage all text modules” and “Only manage your own text modules”.

(+) Ticket: Users in Heinzelmann can no longer see which supporters are assigned to their tickets and who is processing the tickets (data protection).

(+) Ticket: New settings option to set the minimum due time when creating a ticket.

(+) Workflow: repeat mode for workflows. (requires HM Service 6.12)

o Version 6.15.001 (27.06.2023)

(+) Workflow: Workflow instances can be defined for regular repetition.

(+) Workflow: Minimum text length added for form text fields.

(+) Workflow: Added placeholder for workflow ID for notification templates.

(+) Ticket type: Selection of group release when creating ticket type expanded by All / None.

(+) Project: Excel export of the data room structure added.

(-) Administration / Dashboard: Own applications could not be deleted or edited.


Update Assistance

  • Step-by-step installation and update instructions are provided for you to do everything smoothly. If you still need support, you can contact us directly as usual.
  • Are you already using version 6.x of Heinzelmann? Then you don't need an updated license.
  • -> Download: update instructions 



As usual, our support staff is available to our customers for all inquiries or to carry out a guided update. We would like to point out that we have made the process efficient, so that it takes a maximum of 30 minutes, provided nothing extraordinary occurs.

Our support team will be happy to assist you and will support you professionally and quickly with your concerns. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Good luck and efficient service management with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk wishes

Your FCS IT Management Solutions team


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