We present: HEINZELMANN Service Desk 6.14. 007 

It is particularly important to us at FCS that you are always up to date, use the latest versions and are completely satisfied! 

Here are some of the key points and features that we will provide you with the current version of the HEINZELMANN provide:

  1. Further steps towards increased performance: Further performance improvements were achieved in the ticket list area are to optimize the loading times of filters and search criteria.
  2. Security features: Application security continues to be one of our most important criteria. The role concept was explicitly checked and constellations in need of improvement in the area of ​​ticket visibility and ticket processing were further sharpened.
  3. adjustments of Ticket detail view: WWe continue to strive to improve the usability of the users of your system. By the possibility to hide unnecessary information The beginning directly into the system and increases the acceptance of the system.


In addition to the previous features, we have implemented further features and bugs since the last news: 

Version 6.14.002 (06.06.2023) 

(+) Project: New editor for the project description. 

(+) Ticket type: User-defined fields within the ticket types can be assigned to user groups. 

(+) Ticket: New option to reset the caption page view. 

(+) Ticket List: General performance improvements in the ticket list. 

(-) Knowledgebase: Images are only shown as thumbnails in KB articles. 

(-) Ticket: mailing to interested party has incorrect ticket link. 

(-) Ticket: Support Mandatory field via ticket type does not apply when completing a ticket. 

(-) Ticket: Ticket creation does not work with certain escalation settings. 

(-) Workflow: Existing workflow activity cannot be edited. 

(-) Ticket: Ticket completion results in error 500. 

(-) Ticket: If you change the ticket template when creating a ticket, the previously recorded ticket description is no longer available after the change. 

Version 6.14.003 (13.06.2023) 

(-) User groups: All user groups can be displayed without the corresponding rights. 

(-) User groups: It is possible to delete user groups without the corresponding rights. 

(-) Contacts: Contacts can be deleted / created without the corresponding right. 

(-) Ticket: Tickets are automatically assigned to a story. 

(-) General: Attachments can be edited without the appropriate right. 

(-) General: Creation of icons not possible. 

Version 6.14.004 (20.06.2023) 

(-) Ticket: Hide from panel "Not displayed objects" by group right shows hidden elements again. 

(-) Ticket templates: The text defined in the template is overwritten in the ticket from template form. 

Version 6.14.005 (22.06.2023) 

(-) Ticket: No mail is sent to the interested party if tickets have been processed. 

Version 6.14.007 (19.07.2023) 

(-) Knowledgebase: User can see inactive articles in article list. 

(-) Knowledgebase: User can see articles that shouldn't be visible. 

(-) Knowledgebase: Error HTTP 500 when editing certain articles. 

(-) Login: It is rare for a user to appear as a different user after logging in. 

(-) Ticket: Visibility of ticket processing fixed due to incorrect rights constellation. 

(-) Ticket: If the field Supporter is set as mandatory via ticket type, the ticket cannot be closed. 

(-) Workflow: Articles cannot be placed in the shopping cart in the order catalogue. 


Update Assistance

  • Step-by-step installation and update instructions are provided for you to do everything smoothly. If you still need support, you can contact us directly as usual.
  • -> Download: update instructions 



As usual, our support staff is available to our customers for all inquiries or to carry out a guided update. We would like to point out that we have made the process efficient, so that it takes a maximum of 30 minutes, provided nothing extraordinary occurs.

Our support team will be happy to assist you and will support you professionally and quickly with your concerns. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Good luck and efficient service management with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk wishes

Your FCS IT Management Solutions team


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