HEINZELMANN Service.Desk 6.13.003 

We are pleased to present you with the revised version of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk to present, which comes up with numerous improvements and new features. Immerse yourself in the world of the latest upgrades and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities that are now available to you!

Here are some of the key points and new features that will enhance your experience with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk will expand:

  1. Extended template function: With the new search, explanation and sorting functions, you can now use templates even more efficiently. Find the right template in no time, get clear explanations and sort them according to your individual needs.
  2. Security features: Our latest version from HEINZELMANN includes important security improvements. We've updated outdated libraries and taken steps to ensure your user data is secure. Your privacy is important to us and we do everything we can to protect your data.
  3. Adjustments to the cover page: We give you full control over your work environment. With the customization options at the user group level, you can configure the splash page according to your own preferences. Choose from a variety of options including:
    • Show ticket types: Keep track of the different types of tickets that are available.
    • Show ticket templates: Use ready-made templates to make your workflow more efficient.
    • Show workflows: Track the various workflows in your system at a glance.
    • Show applications: Access your custom applications directly and complete specific tasks even faster.


With these exciting features, your user experience with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk raised to a new level. In addition to the previous features, since the last news we have introduced further features that are exclusive to our Webinars were presented:

Version 6.05.015 (28.10.2022):

(+) Ticket: Inserting KB articles in ticket edits -> extended use of the KB module

Version 6.06.006 (18.11.2022):

(+) General: Microsoft Teams integration in Heinzelmann -> Currently only affects the notifications as a replacement for the email

(+) General: Extension of the Heinzelmann API -> Official documentation visible via Heinzelmann direct link (/public/api/documentation)

(+) Setting options:

Automatically close and delete tickets via filters

Automatically empty supporter selection when changing categories in tickets

sso.php can be selected as ticket address in mail notifications instead of index.php

Editable caption page field with jump to third-party systems (own applications)

(+) Text modules: Categorization of text modules.

(+) Implementation of a new WYSIWYG editor in the ticket template area.

(+) Workflow: Frames for note fields have been removed.

Version 6.06.007 (29.11.2022)

(+) Ticket list: Workflow IDs are now sortable in the ticket list

Version 6.07.002 (16.01.2023)

(+) Home page: Automatic update of the dashboard -> connected to the automatic update of the ticket list

(+) Workflow: Display of documents per activity in the workflow report.

(+) Workflow: container for form fields -> Form fields can now be displayed bundled

Version 6.08.001 (24.01.2023)

(+) Ticket: When merging tickets, the original ID is referenced against the new ID -> Mails are assigned to the last existing ticket, regardless of ID

(+) Ticket list: New option to edit a ticket directly in the ticket list -> Activation within the general settings

Version 6.09.002 (07.03.2023)

(+) Ticket List: New settings option, "Include internal notes in display" next to "Show last edit as tool tip".

(+) Ticket template: Ticket title is now only mandatory when selecting a replay -> Forces the contact to enter a correct title

Version 6.10.001 (21.03.2023)

(+) Setting: New additional option "only if not done before" for "close on ticket" under mail delivery.

(+) Ticket: If the ticket view has one column, the action buttons should also be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Version 6.10.004 (05.04.2023)

(+) General: Case sensitivity in the search has been switched off to achieve better search results -> Improvement of the search functions

(+) Installation: Progress bar is removed at the end of the update and a button to view the changelog is displayed -> The changelog is visible within the general settings

(+) Reporting: Reporting is extended by user rights.

(+) Ticket: Important edits are highlighted in color

(+) ticket template:

Sorting of the ticket templates by ranking -> custom sorting.

Keywords for ticket templates and extension of the template search with this index -> Extension of the search function.

Description of the ticket template is displayed within the template selection via mouseover -> This also applies to the search function.

Enlargement of the template window so that the template description is fully displayed.

Reporting is expanded to include ticket templates -> both in Heinzelmann and in Asset.Desk

Version 6.12.001 (05.05.2023)

(+) Status change of tickets when editing forms in the ticket -> Form module must be licensed


Update Assistance

  • Step-by-step installation and update instructions are provided for you to do everything smoothly. If you still need support, you can contact us directly as usual.
  • -> Download: update instructions 



As usual, our support staff is available to our customers for all inquiries or to carry out a guided update. We would like to point out that we have made the process efficient, so that it takes a maximum of 30 minutes, provided nothing extraordinary occurs.

Our support team will be happy to assist you and will support you professionally and quickly with your concerns. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Good luck and efficient service management with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk wishes

Your FCS IT Management Solutions team


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