HEINZELMANN Service.Desk 6.05 

With the new version 6.05 (V 6.05.003) we are entering a technologically new era with the HEINZELMANN: With the new Laravel Framework, the HEINZELMANN is now well prepared for the future. Security is once again right at the top of the HEINZELMANN agenda, especially due to the use of the latest PHP functions.

We have also further optimized the HEINZELMANN in terms of optics. Among other things, there are innovations for more user-friendliness for ticketing and workflows.

Much requested - now finally here. Make better use of synergy effects for your IT service and IT asset management and automate routine work steps.
Many already have the HEINZELMANN with them Asset.Desk in operation, for example to be able to trace your support costs according to cost center or department. The advantages are apparent. With the new version, we go one step further - the handling of order processes can now be fully automated. For more time!

In addition, we have developed a new report function, primarily for our customers in the banking sector. For the internal audit there is now an export option for user rights in order to be able to prove which user has which access authorizations in the system.


The most important facts:  


  • A new license file is required (more information below, or soon here request!)
  • Switching to the modern Laravel framework
  • Start page: The "Login via Microsoft account" button can now be optionally hidden
  • Now drag-and-drop sortable list of categories



  • In HEINZELMANN a side menu can be selected instead of the standard menu (BETA version) -> The ribbon can now be displayed either at the top or on the left
  • Presets for font, font size, keywords and categories can now be set individually in the editor -> Under the optics settings in the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk

Optics_side menu


  • Recorded expenses are now also shown in the burn-down diagram



  • New Field Types "Checklist", "User/Contact Selection" and "User Selection at Group Level"


  • New report about user rights -> Certification of the software and representation of user rights

Knowledge Base:

  • Thumbnail images for knowledgebase articles -> visually more appealing in the dashboard and on the start page without registration, for a better look
  • Permissions on the visibility of rubrics when posting -> New authorization concept (everyone was previously able to see each section)
  • New right "Edit knowledge base article" -> the processing of articles is no longer possible for everyone, but can be set individually



  • New right to manage text modules -> Clearer design of the text module management
  • Text modules: Search function for text modules has been added
  • Decider: Confirmation/rejection of the decision via mail button and link -> Decisions from a ticket can now be confirmed by email; (with new placeholder in the mail dispatch)


  • Ticket list filters can be set as default filters for specific groups –> What does the user see? – can now be configured centrally
  • Workflows and ticket templates are displayed with icons on the introductory page -> Clearer display; in addition to the right to adjust the front page
  • Status change when using "Requires action" within ticket processing to "Waiting for response" -> Extension for status recording (as soon as "Requires action" is ticked during processing, the status is converted to "Waiting for reply")




  • Back reference to the ticket from which a workflow is started -> Clearer display of workflow tickets
  • New form field "Asset.Desk Order catalogue” with which orders are carried out and sent to Asset.Desk can be sent -> Handling of order processes in the HEINZELMANN workflow -> With delivery to Asset.Deskto trigger the order directly there.
  • Need a practical use case?
    The best way to explain this is with an example: Let's assume that Simon from accounting needs a second screen for his home office. There will probably be an upper value limit for the required screen and a person responsible for release – but with the new function, Simon doesn’t care about that for the time being. With the new shop function, the entire process runs fully automatically. With the on-screen order in the new HEINZELMANN User Shop, a new workflow starts automatically and all further steps (e.g. checks and forwarding to the responsible approver and initiating the order with the supplier) are carried out as if by magic. Of course, those responsible for process management have to make a few settings beforehand so that Simon gets the new screen, but only once as an example for all processes.


  • Time-controlled import of assets in the module via csv file is now also possible

Update Assistance

  • Step-by-step installation and update instructions are provided for you to do everything smoothly. If you still need support, you can contact us directly as usual.
  • -> Download: update instructions 


Good luck and efficient service management with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk wishes

Your FCS IT Management Solutions team


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