The new version of our HEINZELMANN brings numerous improvements and interesting new features!
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News in Brief:

Asset module:For everyone not using Asset.Desk working as inventory management, the manual import of assets via CSV interface has now been supplemented with commercial data.

Workflow module: Are you already working with integrated workflows in HEINZELMANN? From now on it's even easier. The workflow in the workflow now appears with all work steps and activities in the diagram!

Email module: From now on you can assign appropriate ticket types to different mailboxes.



Supplementing the manual import of asset data via CSV interface with commercial data

With the HEINZELMANN Asset module, even if you don't have HEINZELMANN Asset.Desk use, import data from your assets manually via a CSV interface.

Version 5.37 of the HEINZELMANN you now also have the possibility to fill fields with the commercial data of your assets. This gives you an overview of the guarantee, supplier, leasing period, etc. in the ticket system without having to call up an external inventory program.
Imagine this: An employee submits a ticket: his screen keeps flickering. In the ticket, the employee could specify exactly which screen it was. Thanks to the imported commercial data, the responsible supporter can see that the technical damage still occurs within the warranty period. He provides the employee with a replacement screen and reports the warranty case.


Workflow in the workflow: Let us show you exactly what is happening right now!

With the HEINZELMANN 5.35, we integrated existing workflows as sub-processes into newly created workflows. This has enabled us to greatly simplify the simulation of complex service management work processes because each individual step no longer has to be redefined. Above all, this saves a lot of time that can be used for other purposes.

In order to ensure that you can follow every single step, an additional function has been added to the new version. The activities of the existing workflow are now also mapped in the newly defined process and displayed as a list. This list can be shown and hidden.

Are you more of a visual person? No problem! In our clear diagram you can now not only see whether the existing workflow has already been completed or still needs to be processed, with a simple click you are now forwarded to the diagram of the existing workflow. This can be particularly beneficial when the workflow is interrupted or delayed by unforeseen complications. One click and you can see where the problems arise and how they could be fixed.


E-mail and template go hand in hand: Assign a standard ticket type to a service mailbox

From the latest version of the HEINZELMANN it is possible to assign a specific ticket type to a mailbox in the additional module "E-Mail" (requirement module TEMPLATE). All e-mails sent to this mailbox are issued as a ticket in HEINZELMANN and automatically assigned to the previously defined ticket type.

A practical example: Until now, all EDP problems in a company were sent to one e-mail address. There is an employee responsible for both software and hardware problems. As a result, all tickets had to be assigned to the right employee in an extra step. All technical incidents related to hardware are now sent to the email address "hardware@testunternehmen.de". All problems related to software are in turn sent to the e-mail address "software@testunternehmen.de". With the new function in HEINZELMANN, both mailboxes can now be assigned to different ticket types, i.e. "software" and "hardware". You can now filter according to these ticket types, so the extra step of assignment in HEINZELMANN is no longer necessary.



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We wish you a lot of efficiency, success and joy with our new Service Desk HEINZELMANN 5.37!

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