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These exciting innovations await you:

  • Install.Desk vulnerability management module
  • Extensions and recent innovations in Install.Desk 4.0


Install.Desk vulnerability management module

Networking, which continues to progress in the course of development, harbors a number of risks that must be identified and monitored. In order to uncover and fix critical security gaps in the software installed on the clients, we have developed the "Vulnerability Management" module in the Install.Dek 4.0 version.

vulnerability management

The new Install.Desk Vulnerability Management module helps you identify critical security gaps in your IT and eliminate risks using CVSS and CVE-certified recommendations for action.
As a basis, the internationally reported vulnerabilities (CVE) and the software affected by them are collected centrally on our server and regularly compared with the customer installations by Install.Desk via web service.

Comprehensive software scan

Since the new version also offers a comprehensive software scan of all clients in the network, the installed software can be compared with the affected software reported by the known security gaps using intelligent methods. In this way, the vulnerable clients and the vulnerable software in your environment can be automatically identified and displayed (vulnerability scanning).

Fix vulnerabilities quickly

The system suggests strategies and fixes for the vulnerabilities in order to eliminate identified vulnerabilities as conveniently and quickly as possible.
In addition, the vulnerability management helps the administrator to define automatic reaction routines as installable jobs and packages. As usual, you can run the installation jobs to fix the vulnerabilities immediately, at the next restart, or automatically at scheduled times.

Dashboard – always keep an eye on the security status

The dashboard always shows you the most important information about the security status of the Windows clients. The distribution of the relevant vulnerabilities and the affected clients according to severity, the most vulnerable software in the system and the most vulnerable clients with the largest number of vulnerabilities are shown graphically here.

The Install.Desk Vulnerability Management module can be purchased for a fee.
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For more information on the Install.Desk Vulnerability Management module, click here.


Install.Desk 4.0: More news for more information,
Security and reduced susceptibility to failure


Scan and inform - Now with hardware data and all software data

Install.Desk 4.0 now offers a scan of essential hardware data and all software data. This means that the software installed on each client is always shown. In addition to the currently installed software products, Install.Desk 4.0 also shows a software history and thus all changes that cause installations or deinstallations on the respective client. In addition to the scan data, Install.Desk 4.0 also includes various new reports, such as a device overview, hardware overview and software overview of all clients.

New user interface

Running installation jobs and tracking installation status has been completely redesigned and brought together in a new user interface.

Improved automatic installation

The automatic installation of jobs by the FIS service on the client has also been improved and expanded to meet all of the new security requirements of Windows 10. The communication between the Install.Desk server and the respective clients has also been implemented to be even more secure and less susceptible to faults.


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We wish you a lot of efficiency, success and joy with our new software distribution solution Install.Desk 4.0!

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