We present Asset.Desk 8.12.6

Import wizard for contract data (from 

With the Import Wizard you create import templates and arrange data from csv files from your source systems in the target fields Asset.Desk to. Once created and saved, you can then import the csv files manually via the menu or by schedule. In addition to import templates for objects (equipment and furniture) and software licenses, templates for contract data with and without payment plans can now also be created and imported in this way. This enables you to initially load contracts from your csv files into the system or contract data with and without payment plans in Asset.Desk to update regularly.


Extension of the i-doit interface (from

The i-doit interface has been significantly expanded. So far, only the device data has been compared with the i-doit system. From now on, the interface also compares the localization assignments of the devices with locations, buildings, floors, rooms, employees with i-doit. Software catalogs and their assignments are also transferred to i-doit with the new version.


Custom Registry Scan

With the new version, you can read any values ​​from the registry of the clients, in Asset.Desk save and display them on objects and in reports. You define in the tracker which values ​​you want to take from which registry paths and assign a target field to each value Asset.Desk to. During the next scan with the Windows Agent or remotely, these values ​​are also scanned and after Asset.Desk imported. In this way, the values ​​you require from the registry can be added to the inventory data.


Default value for custom fields

For additional fields defined by you in Asset.Desk you can now specify a default value. The user-defined field is then initially filled with the default value on the object. This saves you work if the value of the objects is often the same and there are only a few deviations.


More improvements and fixes are waiting for you.

Good luck and efficient IT asset management with the new version 8.12.6

Your FCS team


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