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Look forward to the new one Asset.Desk Version 8.12.5 from February and the brand new version!

Asset.Desk 8.12.5

Send email notifications via OAuth2 via Office 365

Asset.Desk now supports the token-based authentication via OAuth2 required by Microsoft to send email notifications via Office 365. You have to Asset.Desk Register as an app for your Office 365 cloud service. Asset.Desk can then access Office 2 user accounts via the OAuth 365 protocol with application ID, directory ID and connection token to send the email notifications. There is an option for email notifications Asset.Desk at different points, e.g. sending reports, for arrivals and departures in rooms and warehouses, for sending purchase orders, etc.

Office 365 OAuth2 – SMTP – configuration


Significantly better performance for actions in the tree

With the new version, the actions in the tree have been significantly accelerated. For this purpose, the logic of the structure has been changed and simplified, and locks in the tree have been removed. In particular, this applies to the localization tree. Moves, disposals, new creations and deletions in the tree with several objects are now much faster, so that the waiting times for the user are minimized. Shifts and deletions are carried out asynchronously, so that work can continue immediately in the tree.


Contract: Different tax rate in the payment plan (from

From now on, a tax rate that differs from the contract can be stored in each payment plan. This makes it possible, for example, to enter a different tax of 0% for an amortization payment plan, even if the tax rate in the contract is 19%. When determining the cash flow amounts, the tax rate from the payment plans is now also used. The CSV import for "Payment plans for (credit) contracts" now sets the tax to 0% in the created payment plan when repaying.

Good luck and efficient IT asset management with the new version 8.12.5

Your FCS team


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