We present: Asset.Desk 8.12.3!


The following features and improvements await you in the new version:

      • Digitized transfer and return process without media discontinuity
      • Sales Tax Exemption
      • Customizable notification emails


Digitized transfer and return process without media discontinuity

With the new version 8.12.3 we have completely digitized the handover/return process and eliminated media breaks in the process. Printing receipts and manual signatures on paper for handover and return of inventory are no longer required. Receipts are saved immediately, can be called up and signed directly on the screen or provided with a digital signature by the employee and sent back.

There is now a choice of three receipts for handover and return:

  1. Receipt with electronic signature field (New)
  2. Receipt with digital signature field (New)
  3. and evidence for manual signature (as until now).

The Receipt with electronic signature field is called up directly on the screen and signed by the employee with the mouse or touch screen when it is handed over or returned. The respective pdf document is saved, receives the status "Signed" and is in Asset.Desk available at any time. The electronically signed pdf document can be emailed to the employee.

If you choose the Receipts with digital signature field decide, this follows a decentralized process: The pdf document is sent out Asset.Desk emailed to the employee for digital signing. In Asset.Desk the pdf document is saved. There it is initially given the status “Waiting for signature”. The employee creates a digital signature once on his computer using the standard function in Adobe Acrobat Reader and adds it to the receipts. The digitally signed PDF document is then emailed back to the person responsible for the process. He simply drags and drops the document into the employee's receipt overview. There it is automatically updated by the system, saved and provided with the status "Signed". The digitally signed document is in turn always in Asset.Desk accessible.

Both procedures meet the required text form, receipts with a digital signature even the electronic form.

Should you continue with the Documents with manual signature want to work, they will now also work on the employee in Asset.Desk saved. They can also be sent to the employee by e-mail. The printed pdf document, which is then signed by hand by the employee and then scanned in, can also be sent back by e-mail and Asset.Desk assigned to the employee in the same way using drag-and-drop. It is then given the status "Signed" and can be called up there.


Proof of delivery: digital signature

Proof of delivery: electronic signature

Employee: assets

Employee: Receipt

Sales Tax Exemption

At the cost center level, a sales tax exemption can now be entered as a percentage. When determining the VAT for invoices/bookings on this cost center, the percentage of the exemption is taken into account and the correspondingly reduced VAT and gross amounts are shown. The percentage of the exemption from sales tax is also taken into account in all offsetting. All lists and the cost analysis also show the VAT exemption.

Cost center sales tax exemption

Object book sales tax exemption

Customizable notification emails

Up to now, the system can optionally provide information via e-mail about the arrival and departure of objects and components in a room or warehouse. The mail texts were previously fixed. From now on, the notification emails - separately for arrivals and departures - can be freely designed. You can create one or more individual email templates for each. In addition to any text, you can also use system variables in the templates, eg warehouse name, article number, inventory, etc. Recipients can also be set in cc and a signature can be selected in each case. Even tables from MS Word or images can be inserted and used in the templates.
A little hint: The e-mail templates can be found in the menu under "Organization" in the "Customizing" group!

E-mail template: room - access - object



Good luck and efficient asset management with the new version 8.12.3

Your FCS team


A detailed description of the new features as well as the past innovations can be found in the changelog in the FCS download area.

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We wish you every success and efficient asset management!

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