We present: Asset.Desk 8.12.2!

With the new version 8.12.2 we are also participating Asset.Desk enter a technologically new age: With the new framework .NET 6 Core from Microsoft, hybrid views from desktop and web technology are now possible.  

The "Lifecycle Performance View" is such a hybrid view in modern web design. It clearly presents the newly introduced KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for lifecycle management, with details of deviations from the previous month, trends and processes.  

The KPIs mainly represent the differences: the more or less, rise and fall, better and worse. This allows you to control the lifecycle management and identify where risks arise or where action and improvements need to be made.  

The following features and improvements await you in the new version:

    • KPIs and Lifecycle Performance
    • .NET 6 and web technology
    • Date of manufacture and age of the hardware
    • Filter bar for the license management dashboard
    • Accelerated tree view switching
    • Read Windows Subsystem Linux and Ubuntu
    • Extension of data maintenance for NW connections
    • Columns in summary reports in "Bands" for more clarity


KPIs and Lifecycle Performance  

Asset.Desk determines the essential data from the asset data Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and shows them at asset level and across by type, location, company code, cost center, etc. The KPIs include, for example, percentage of assets in use, percentage of assets audited and inventoried, percentage of assets under warranty or in maintenance, age and average age of the assets and others. The KPIs stand for your lifecycle performance Asset.Desk and allow measurements and statements about developments through trends and processes. In this way, they show abnormalities and give important recommendations for action.

The KPI data originate from the assets and are accumulated across the various levels in the system. The KPIs can therefore be seen and evaluated on the asset, but also in the overview reports. It's brand new Lifecycle Performance View, technically a hybrid view of modern web technology embedded in a desktop window. The Lifecycle Performance View shows the KPIs clearly and cumulatively at various levels of the system. It allows drill-downs to lower levels and shows trends and processes from historical data. You are immediately able to make statements about your lifecycle status and receive information about failure risks, necessary replacement requirements, data incompleteness, cost drivers and much more.

The KPI Performance View shows the actual and above all the differences, accordingly the more and less, the rise and fall, the better and worse. In order to we provide controlling with the necessary tool.

Overview of warranty expiration / maintenance expiration

Device overview reports

KPIs per device

Lifecycle Performance View

Lifecycle Performance View with trend indicator

Lifecycle Performance View - trend indicator



.NET 6 and web technology

With the new version we have Asset.Desk completely migrated to the new Microsoft platform ".NET 6".. With .NET 6, the development of so-called hybrid views in the desktop application is possible. With hybrid views, the view itself (the content of the Windows window) is developed using modern web technology, just as you know it from the browser. However, the view is embedded in a desktop window of the application.

By developing the windows as hybrid views, Microsoft has specified a migration path for desktop applications. The window contents developed using web technology can run in the desktop application, but can also be transferred to a website running in the browser without any changes. In this way, parts of the desktop application can gradually be brought “to the web”.

The Lifecycle Performance View is the first desktop view that we have developed as a hybrid view using modern web technology. The age of web technology in Asset.Desk has begun!


Other features of the new version:


Date of manufacture and age of the hardware

The date of manufacture of the hardware (e.g. PC or server) cannot be determined from the hardware data as a separate date value. Therefore, the BIOS release date is used as an approximation. The age of the hardware is important in order to prevent a failure in good time by replacing it (if necessary with components such as hard disks). The hardware age is now in on this basis Asset.Desk available on the asset and in the reports.

Filter bar for the license management dashboard

The license management dashboard now appears in a separate window and has a filter bar to restrict the display to locations, cost centers, company codes or object types. The filter bar is similar to that of the KPI Performance View (see above).

License Management Dashboard

Faster tree view switching

Changing the tree views when clicking on objects has been significantly accelerated through data caching.

Read Windows Subsystem Linux and Ubuntu

Our Windows scanners now also read the installed Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and the installed Ubuntu as a Linux derivative. WSL and Ubuntu are displayed in the manager on the asset under software and in the software reports with the respective version.

Data maintenance NW connections extended

The ports can now also be specified on the source and target device without there being a connection between the two devices. The ports remain assigned and are not lost when the devices are disconnected. Occupied ports are not offered with the NW connection.

Columns in Summary Reports in Bands

In order to achieve more clarity, so-called "bands" were introduced in the overview reports (such as device overview), each with a second superordinate header that groups the columns into additional headings/categories.


In addition, as always, there are other smaller improvements and embellishments.
Good luck and efficient asset management with the new version 8.12.2

Your FCS team


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We wish you every success and efficient asset management!

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