OAuth procedure for Office 365 im HEINZELMANN Service.Desk set   

  • Off for Basic Auth in Exchange Online in October
    Microsoft has been announcing since 2019 that it will deactivate Basic Authentication for Exchange Online from October 2022 and replace it with a secure method. More information on deactivation can be found below Link.


  • Basic information about the OAuth authentication procedure
    With OAuth authentication to Office365, the HEINZELMANN Office settings are authorized to retrieve and send emails via IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, as well as access to the shared email accounts.


  • What does that mean for them HEINZELMANN Service.Desk-Application
    Due to the deactivation of standard authentication, HEINZELMANN version 2022 (or higher) and HEINZELMANN service version 5.06.012 (or higher) will be required from October 6.01 for smooth and secure use.


  • What has to be done now?
    Update your current version to HEINZELMANN version 5.06.012 (or higher) and your HEINZELMANN service to version 6.01 (or higher). There are a few specific settings to consider here.
    You can find the easiest way to do it on our Update instructions.
    If there are problems with the update, we will of course support you free of charge. contact us!












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