We present: Asset.Desk 2023 

We are pleased to present you the latest from our development department: Asset.Desk 2023! With this latest version we introduce the well-thought-out standard report “Enterprise asset localization“ and expand the Interface to komXwork and much more to offer you even more comprehensive IT asset and lifecycle management.


Enterprise asset localization

With version 8.13.1 we deliver the new standard report “Enterprise Asset Localization”. In this report, the assignment of devices to other devices as well as to furniture and master data can be tracked and evaluated. While the existing “Device Localization” report was limited to devices, the new report now also includes furniture. This means that all relationships of an object are visible in the system, e.g. a desk (workstation) includes a PC, two screens, a docking station and a headset and is located in a room with a specific employee. With the new report, you can always view all object assignments in the system. For example, you can filter by object name to find the relationship of a specific object to other objects and to master data in the system. All data in the report can be exported - as is usual with standard reports - to Excel or PDF format, for example.

Benefits of the new Enterprise Asset Localization report:

  • More comprehensive representation: Holistic view of the entire work environment.
  • Detailed relationship view: Track specific relationships of an object in the system.
  • Advanced filter options: Easily identify specific relationships between specific objects.
  • Versatile export options: Easily export data to common formats.


Expansion of the komXwork interface

We have also once again expanded the interface to the document management software komXwork. Previously it was the case that the process in Asset.Desk only the documents from Asset.Desk are visible. From now on, documents will also be retrieved from komXwork and added to the process Asset.Desk that were created directly in komXwork for the process are displayed as “external” documents without Asset.Desk Relation. This means that the documents are displayed in the process Asset.Desk from your own and third-party documents always complete. You can also use third-party documents Asset.Desk change the date, description and category.

Expansion of budget module in the contract (from

From version there is an extension of the budget module in the contract. When you create payment plans in the contract, you can now select a budget, provided you have a Budget module license. What's new is that you can mark the payments from the budget as 'reserved' or 'used'. This means that you can initially book future payments as a 'forecast' (= reserved) in the budget. In the budget reports, reserved and used payments are shown separately, and the reserved budget is deducted from the available budget.

Future payments also for contracts with automatic extension (from

In auto-renewal contracts, payments from the payment plans set up in the contract are now calculated in advance for up to 10 years, similar to what is already the case with unlimited contracts. This allows payments for contracts whose term changes in the future (through renewals) to be recorded early and properly in the budget as consumed or reserved when using the budget module. This allows for more efficient resource allocation and budgeting, which can ultimately lead to better financial governance and decision-making.

Various mail frameworks to choose from for sending emails via SMTP (from

In the SMTP configuration options it is now possible to select a different mail framework. Various mail frameworks are supported, including System.Net.Mail from the underlying Microsoft .NET Framework, which is set as the default. “Limilabs Mail.dll” and “MailKit” are also available to choose from. These can be selected if there are problems with the standard framework when sending via SMTP in your network.

More improvements and fixes are waiting for you.

We wish you good luck and successful asset management with the new version 8.13.1

Your FCS team



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