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Nuremberg, January 2021:

The Franconian software manufacturer FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH impresses in the competition with its award-winning innovative strength: the Nuremberg-based company was awarded the TOP 100 seal 2021. This award is given to particularly innovative medium-sized companies - and has been for 28 years now. FCS has previously proven its innovative strength in a scientific selection process and has now been rewarded with the TOP 100 seal, which is awarded to the German innovation elite.

A milestone - FCS is one of the top innovators among medium-sized companies

On behalf of compamedia, the organizer of the renowned TOP 100 innovation competition, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team demonstrate the innovative power of FCS. The researchers based around 120 test criteria in five categories: innovation-promoting top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organization, external orientation/open innovation and innovative success. In essence, it is about the question of whether innovations are the result of a planned approach or a product of chance, i.e. the repeatability of innovative achievements. And about whether and how the corresponding solutions will prevail on the market. Due to the current situation, there was also a special part of this round in which the corporate reaction to the Corona crisis was examined.

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH has been an owner-managed, German software and consulting company since 1999, specializing in the implementation of innovative business software. FCS has made a name for itself in the areas of IT asset management, IT service management and solutions for the automotive industry. FCS has over 600 well-known customers across Europe, mainly medium-sized companies that are considered leaders in their own sectors, and the public sector.

What aspects characterize FCS as innovative?

Innovation is a must these days to stand up to the competition and move a business forward. The Corona crisis, which has been going on since spring 2020, was a drastic event that still has a major impact on everyday work and to which every company had to react. FCS used the crisis as an opportunity and took both external, customer-related and internal measures. On the solution side, FCS has primarily focused on digital citizen communication and crisis management during the corona pandemic with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk, IT security in the home office through Security.Desk and optimization in the area of ​​IT asset management of virtualized environments in Asset.Desk dedicated.

However, FCS also demonstrated innovative strength in the other categories. The “innovation-promoting management” category includes those measures with which the company management supports and promotes the development of ideas and their implementation. It is evaluated to what extent a far-sighted and future-oriented corporate strategy is being pursued. The management staff at FCS can score here with a well thought-out innovation strategy, the goals of which they clearly define. A supportive and motivating attitude also promotes the innovation process within the team. “When we develop a product or optimize an existing one, we focus on the needs of both the customer and the market. Innovation has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since the company was founded. Our employees know that too, so further training and brainstorming are an integral part of our everyday work. That pays off and is reflected in the products," says Dr. Jürgen Falk, Managing Director of FCS. The future driver "sustainability" is therefore also taken into account, there is a cooperation with EcoVadis, a provider of reliable sustainability ratings.

Another indicator of innovative strength is the "innovation climate", i.e. a corporate culture that promotes "intrapreneurship", creativity, the will to learn and dynamism. One thing is clear: In a positive innovation climate, ideas can emerge faster and develop more sustainably. FCS is also convincing in this regard, for example with the rapid implementation of inspiration from the employees. Various brainstorming sessions, open communication and flat hierarchies, which make it possible to present your suggestions for improvement to those responsible at any time, also promote the company's innovative strength. In order to encourage the team to exchange ideas and to create inspiration outside of the fixed working hours, the company management initiates various events every year, such as the annual FCS weekend or hikes together with the entire team. In 2020 it was unanimously waived due to the corona pandemic.

However, good ideas and good will alone are not enough to produce successful innovations. It also plays a role how the process is organized from the idea to the market launch, which is examined in more detail in the "Innovative Processes and Organization" category. At FCS, the innovation process is coordinated by several parties: the product owners are responsible for the respective software solutions, the managing director for the company as such, and the marketing department for customer care and the company's image. Clear agreements between the departments speed up the path from a fixed idea to the finished product many times over. A number of employees were also appointed to focus specifically on monitoring the digital transformation within the company and the current market situation. Those observations flow directly into the strategic decisions of tomorrow.

Falk makes the following statements about the last two categories: “For medium-sized companies, a systematic exchange relationship with the outside world is essential. That is why we maintain close contact with our customers. Above all, the constant growth of our customers from the municipal environment makes us proud and shows us that we are on the right track with our entrepreneurial activities!” says Falk.

Also Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, the scientific director of TOP 100, is impressed by the award-winning medium-sized companies. "The TOP 100 companies have consistently aimed to be as innovative as possible," he states. On November 26th there will be another reason to celebrate: Then all the winners of the current TOP 100 year will come together to receive the congratulations from Ranga Yogeshwar at the 7th German SME Summit in Ludwigsburg. The science journalist has been a mentor to the innovation competition for ten years.


TOP 100: the competition

Since 1993, compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 seal for special innovative strength and above-average innovative success to medium-sized companies. The scientific management has been in the hands of Prof. Dr. Nicholas Franke. Franke is the founder and director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. With 2002 research awards and over 25 publications, he is one of the leading innovation researchers internationally. TOP 200's mentor is science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research and the BVMW association of medium-sized companies. The magazines manager magazin and impulse accompany the company comparison as media partners. More information and registration at www.top100.de.

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH, successful on the market since 1999, is an owner-managed, German software and consulting company that specializes in the implementation of innovative business software. Using the latest technology, we develop standard software for IT inventory, IT asset management, license management, software distribution, endpoint security and helpdesk. FCS software applications have received multiple awards.

Managing directors are Dr. Juergen Falk and Thomas Ilgenfritz.

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