Tracking of corona risk cases and returnees with the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk

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The German health authorities report new infections every day. For days now, the numbers have been higher than those of the previous week.

Tracking the course of infection is important for fighting the pandemic.
Digital contact tracking using IT service management software (ITSM/SM) can be an important measure here, as it eliminates paperwork, faxes, Excel lists and other delays in the daily work of the citizen and health authorities.

Since IT service management combines a wide variety of service functions, its use offers enormous potential when it comes to constantly tracking the contacts of infected people.

With the helpdesk and issue tracking function, the automated assignment of contacts ensures seamless tracking, which in turn leads to real-time monitoring and thus to a very fast ability to react. With the creation of reports, every step can also be traced afterwards.

The multi-channel approach (self-service web portal, homepage form, e-mail or telephone) enables flexible use of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desks enormous. If desired, anyone returning from a trip or any infected person can report to the authority or office via a web platform and register if necessary. Telephone chains can thus be broken and valuable time freed up.

The tracking of the tickets through work and watch lists makes the work easier for the clerks. The classification of problems, the automatic assignment and forwarding of tasks to groups, roles and people while ensuring data security can optimally support the responsible authorities with their individual requirements.

All data is received in the tool, is recorded in the system and can be processed in a structured manner. If desired, standardized processing steps can be further automated by creating workflows.

The HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is a platform-independent web application from FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH. The software is being developed in Nuremberg and is already being used successfully in German, Austrian and Swiss authorities as a full-service management solution and issue tracking software.

Two German municipalities are already using the to fight the pandemic HEINZELMANN Service.Desk and have contributed to the specific further development of the software in order to get through the crisis together.


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