Asset.Desk 2019 - Cloud Scanner: Inventory of MS Azure and Google Cloud as well as license management for Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

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Nuremberg, May 2019:

Asset.Desk goes Cloud. The new major version “2019” of Asset.Desk offers the "Cloud Scanner" and extends IT inventory and license management to the cloud. Initially, four scanner types are supported: MS Azure, Google Cloud, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Your resources in the MS Azure and Google Cloud can be scanned and securely tracked via the integrated API of the providers Asset.Desk transfer. Whether on-premise, IaaS, SaaS or intermediate forms, Asset.Desk combines information on local assets and resources in the cloud in one system and thus enables asset management of the future.

You can also use the Cloud Scanner to retrieve your purchased license plans, software products and authorized users in Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. You can always see the current status of the licensed software subscriptions directly in Asset.Desk. The license management of Asset.Desk allows automatic catalog and license assignment to the authorized users and thus always includes the licenses of your software subscriptions exactly in the license balance.

1) Inventory of MS Azure and Google Cloud

Inventoried with the new cloud scanning Asset.Desk the resources of the MS Azure Cloud and the Google Cloud.

Azure CloudScanner
The subscriptions are inventoried with the resources used by the customer. In the tracker, the user specifies which subscriptions and resources should be scanned in detail. The scanned Azure resources are stored in the central database of Asset.Desk saved and displayed in a tree structure. In addition to retrieving an overview of all resources, the data of the virtual machines, the app services, the storage accounts and the databases of the Azure cloud environment are specifically scanned.

Google CloudScanner
For this, too, the subscriptions (projects) are inventoried with the associated resources. The scanned Google resources are also stored in the central database. In this case allowed Asset.Desk In addition to retrieving an overview of all resources, it also scans the data of the virtual machines, the app services, the storages (buckets) and the databases of your Google Cloud environment.

Cloud Cost Analysis: calls for this Asset.Desk all billing data (costs) from the Azure Cloud and saves them in the database. They are available as raw data in list form in the manager. The distribution of the costs according to different criteria as well as the course of the costs forms Asset.Desk daily or accumulated in the form of diagrams.

Cloud Contracts: The cloud subscriptions can be in Asset.Desk assign one or more contracts. This allows you to see the agreements concluded with the cloud providers in the form of Asset.Desk map contracts.

Cloud – Commercial Data: Company codes, cost centers, a partner and a default service type can be assigned to each subscription. This means that the costs of cloud use can later be assigned to the responsible units in the company.

2) License management for Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

With the Cloud Scanner, you extend license management to your software subscriptions in the cloud.

Office 365

The Cloud Scanner always retrieves the current license plans you have subscribed to, available services and the assigned authorized user accounts from the Office 365 cloud. You always look up-to-date in Asset.Desk, how many free cloud licenses still exist in your software subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Here, too, the Cloud Scanner retrieves the software products you have purchased, including applications and services, and the authorized user accounts assigned to them from the Adobe Creative Cloud. You will also receive in Asset.Desk an overview of the total and the free cloud licenses of your software subscription.

License management for software subscriptions in the cloud

In Asset.Desk associate an Office 365 license plan or an Adobe Creative Cloud product Asset.Desk license to. The big advantage: The license management of Asset.Desk then allows an automatic catalog and license assignment to the authorized users of this license plan or product. The licenses from the software subscription in the cloud are included in the license balance without any manual intervention.

Asset.Desk 2019 simplifies the management of cloud subscriptions many times over. With the new version, both inventory and license management are extended to the cloud programs. From now on, all information can be mapped in one system, which enables central management of the complete inventory, all licenses and contracts in Asset.Desk allows.



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